Andrea Kunz


From biochemistry to Pilates - from profession to my vocation

Andrea worked full time as a biochemist, her passion since childhood was exercise and sport. After several years as a diving instructor and a certified fitness trainer, she learned the Pilates method and completed training for Power Pilates Matwork as an instructor. In the search for further challenges she fulfilled with additional training of studio equipment and Mat Trainer by Pilates System Europe the long-cherished desire to be a comprehensive Pilates trainer.

Constant training to different movement-relevant topics expands understanding and knowledge.

Exercise is an important part of my life which gives me many beautiful moments. I enjoy contact with people and the tasks associated with it, to allow me to give them a deeper awareness of the body in motion.

2021  Cycle AnatomYoga® / Ceinture scapulaire, épaule et yoga / Blandine Calais Germain
2020  Back to Basics &
Pilates for Men/ Vienna Online
2019  Better Bone Health &
The Role of Pilates in helping repair a Diastasis Recti and Pelvic floor problems/ Innsbruck
2018  Core Motivations &
The Sling System Approach/ Salzburg
2017  From Sole To Spine/ Linz
2017  Anatomie in vivo/ Vienna
2017  Pilates meets Franklin ®/ Salzburg
2016  Fascial Yoga/ Vienna
2016  Functional Myofascial Trainer/ Graz
2015  Fascial Fitness Trainer ®/ Vienna
2014 Fascial Pilates/ Mannheim
2013 Pilates for Golfers/ Munich
 Spiral Dynamics® professional level Basic/ Salzburg
2012 Slingtraining/ Vienna
 Pilates System Europe® equipment and mat/ Vienna
2007 Power Pilates® Matwork/ Vienna and Hamburg
2005 Certified Fitness Trainer by government/ Vienna