About a hundred years ago Joseph Pilates developed his method, which he named "Contrology". Amongst others it was influenced by Martial Arts, Tai Chi, as well as "Modern Dance".

Pilates is a method for simultaneous mental and physical training from which a holistic fitness is achieved. "Never do ten pounds of exercise for a five-pound movement" (Josef Pilates)

All movements are associated with breathing and thus carried out fluently, while the mental control of movements is achieved by visual language.

Each exercise can be attributed to the interaction of breathing and movement, as well as the strength and agility of body and sense of movement to everyday movements of our lives. The body moves economically, pain free, balanced and graceful. The posture is corrected, neck and shoulder problems are reduced, the pressure on joints decreases, old patterns are changed in a positive way. Many top athletes workout with Pilates today because they can achieve higher performance through more trunk stability.

The range of exercises is varied, ranging from simple to complex, it is performed on a mat or on specialized Pilates equipment. The Modern Pilates method integrates into the original modern visualization techniques of Franklin®, basics of the Feldenkrais Method®, the knowledge of connective tissue and muscle slings and elements of Spiral Dynamics®.