The Pilatesatelier is located in Großenzersdorf in the Medical Center Kreuzer and was founded by Andrea Kunz.
From the beginning, the Pilates mats training has enjoyed great popularity.
As of spring 2013, with the special Pilates equipment more opportunities are offered for Personal Training (Reformer, Wunda Chair, Barrels, Cadillac). Slingtraining with ropes completes the offer.



Workout Clothing

For training we recommend wearing close-fitting workout clothes and socks, and bringing a towel. Pilates exercises are done bare foot or with socks, so there are no sports shoes required.


Mats are available in the studio free of charge.

Health Condition / Health Issues

If you have health issues, speak with a physician before beginning Pilates. If there is no medical reason that speaks against Pilates training, we recommend taking private lessons so that your training can be customized to your health condition.


Payment for group and private sessions is to be made before the class begins either in cash or you may pay by bank transfer.

Privacy Policy

Pilatesatelier Andrea Kunz is committed to treating all personal information strictly confidential. General information is naturally subject to the legal data protection laws.


Pilatesatelier Andrea Kunz is not responsible or liable for lost clothing, money, and valuables in the dressing room and studio. Students are responsible for the consequences of improperly performed exercises.